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Looking for History? Here are links to websites for many of our past events.

2019 Leading the Smarter Enterprise
2018 Up Your Digital Game from Vision to Execution
2017 The CIO Adventure: Now, Next and… Beyond
2016 Thriving in the Digital Economy
2015 Inventing Your Future: Accelerating Success Through Technology
2014 Lead Your Digital Enterprise Forward: Are You Ready for the Next Digital Revolution?
2013 The Transformational CIO: Architecting the Enterprise of the Future
2012 Piloting the Untethered Enterprise
2011 Beyond the Crossroads – How will the CIO Role Evolve in the Digital Business World?
2010 Top Line Growth and Bottom Line Results: Driving Business Value Through CIO Leadership, Innovation and Collaboration
2009 Sustaining CIO Leadership in a Changing Economy
2008 Balancing Innovation and Cost Leadership in Your Firm
2007 Networks for Competitive Advantage: People, Partners and Processes
2006 Maximizing the Business Value of IT