How to Complete and Submit an Application using Adobe Reader

The application form is an Adobe PDF file. Although the blank form can be viewed in many web browsers and utility programs, successfully completing and submitting the application requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Please do not use any other method.

Application form in Adobe Reader

Application form in a web browser

  1. When the form is complete, click the “Submit Form” button at the top right of the form. This will validate that all required fields have been entered. Adobe Reader will send the form as an email attachment, using either a desktop email application like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, or web-based email like Gmail or Yahoo.

    NOTE: If you do not want Adobe Reader to send email on your behalf, save the completed form using “File… Save As” and send the saved file as an attachment to [email protected] Although you may print the form to a PDF file for your personal records, the result of a Print cannot be processed by Adobe when we receive it. The results of a saved, filled-in form may not display correctly in any application besides Adobe Reader.


  2. Enter your email address and name, and click “Send”.
  3. Choose the email method you wish to use and click “Continue”. In this example we will use web-based Gmail.
  4. Choose Gmail from the dropdown and click “Continue”
  5. Enter your Gmail address and click “OK”
  6. Verify the email address is correct and click “OK”
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. Adobe Reader will access Gmail on your behalf. Gmail will prompt you to login. Click “Next”
  9. Enter your Gmail password and click “Sign in”
  10. Adobe Reader needs permission to access your Gmail account. Click “Allow”
  11. Adobe Reader should display a progress bar indicating that it is sending the message.
  12. Success!
  13. Within 24 hours, you should receive an email indicating that your form was received and successfully processed.

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