Discussion Forum Rules


As a member of the The Global CIO & Executive IT Group  (An  MIT Sloan CIO Group), you can begin interacting with other group members right away by posting in the group discussion forum.

The discussion forum objectives are to promote engagement, interaction, and idea generation among IT executives.

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Click on the "Discussions" tab.

Below are some of the basic forum rules and tips to help you take full advantage of what the forum offers you. These "basic rules" are intended to ensure that members (you), whose primary goal is to network and grow professionally, can derive the value and satisfaction they expect.

  • Make sure your post is technology related. If you are you are looking for assistance with a specific technology challenge, you can use the forum to solicit help from other members.
  • You can use the forum to drive idea generation and collaborate with other members on technology topics of mutual interest.
  • If you are an individual in search of a new job, you are welcome to share your current status with the group, as well as your interests, experience, and aspirations, but we ask that you use the "Candidates Seeking Jobs" discussion to do so. After all, this group is designed for your personal and professional growth.
  • Please DON’T post a discussion in order to recruit or advertise (your company, your products, your services, your job openings and your company events). If you want to find out about how to promote you company we have designed programs specifically for this purpose, please contact us directly for details at: Sponsor Inquiry. We can review the options available to meet your objectives most effectively.
  • Please DON’T use the forum as a broadcasting tool. If you would like to contact members, please use the Group People Search to contact fellow members directly.
  • Please DON’T conduct polls. You can, however, pose questions which can stimulate discussion and can definitively be answered by other group members.

We look forward to your participation, and want to share with our commitment to ensuring you get the most value in terms of access to resources, actionable information, and opportunities to collaborate and network.