Jump-Starting America – Have We Lost Our Technology Mojo?

11:00 am - 11:45 am
Kresge Auditorium (EDT)

Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson, PhD ‘91, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (@erikbryn)

Prof. Jonathan Gruber, SB '87, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (@jonathangruber1)
Prof. Simon Johnson PhD '89, MIT Sloan School of Management (@baselinescene)

This year’s Academic Keynote challenges the assumption that the US is a technology leader and that economic benefit is a natural result. In their new book, Jump-Starting America, MIT co-authors Simon Johnson and Jon Gruber point to the increasing concentration of geography-based wealth. To turn this tide, Johnson and Gruber suggest the US must embark on a plan to create the industries of the future – and the jobs that go with them – through a renewed public-private partnership. Is this possible in today’s business and economic environment?