An Ethical Framework for AI and Digital Innovation

May 23, 2022
2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
Samberg-A (EDT)

Michael Schrage, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (#michael_schrage)

Kelly Combs, KPMG
Gail Evans, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products (@GailEvans_21)
Leigh Hafrey, MIT Sloan

Advanced technologies such as robotic automation, internet-of-things, or artificial intelligence (AI) promise great business value to companies, but they also bring ethical concerns and social risks. How do you overcome the fear that robotic automation would displace workers? How do you ensure trustworthiness of an AI forecast based on a highly sophisticated but hardly explainable model? What is the corporate responsibility in gathering, securing, and governing the ever-growing volumes of consumer data? Business technologists have to address these concerns with the highest ethical standard in mind. What does it take to establish a governance framework for technology innovation that would uphold ethical values but not constrain creativity?

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