Episode #1: AI in the Post-Pandemic Enterprise

June 10, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Virtual (EDT)

Prof. Tom Davenport, Fellow at MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (@tdav)
Mojgan Lefebvre, Travelers (@mojganlefebvre)
Vikram Mahidhar, Genpact (@vikram_mit)
Rajeev Ronanki, Anthem (@RajeevRonanki)

Top Davenport will introduce AI in the Post-Pandemic Enterprise and then moderate a panel on Creating the AI Powered Enterprise.

Intro: AI in the Post-Pandemic Enterprise

The COVID pandemic and resulting economy require substantial changes in how organizations capitalize on and manage artificial intelligence. Since AI relies on past data to learn, what happens when that data provides little insight into the current business environment? And AI must now meet a new standard of value; how can companies move beyond AI pilots and proofs of concept to actual production deployments? Overall, how do we preserve AI’s transformative power in a period of retrenchment?

Panel: Creating the AI Powered Enterprise

Recent advancements in automated machine learning are radically changing the cost, quality, and speed of AI creation, validation, deployment, and management. Applications of AI and machine learning that were economically and practically infeasible just a few years ago are now possible.  What new business models and customer experiences does this make possible?