Digital Leadership: Collaboration between CIOs, CDOs and CEOs

May 23, 2022
8:30 am - 9:15 am
Wong (EDT)

Kathleen Kennedy, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (@kathleenkennedy)

George Corbin, Chief Operating Officer, Onriva (@GeorgeCorbin1)
James McGlennon, Liberty Mutual Insurance (@Liberty_IT)
Fletcher Previn, Cisco (@fletcherprevin)

In today’s digital ecosystem, so much of business strategy depends on using digital technology in new ways, bringing changes not only to IT infrastructure but to a company’s operating models, products, and culture. The CEO and CIO/CDO relationship is increasingly becoming more critical for a company’s success. Every CEO needs strategically thinking CIO/CDO partners to lead their organization through rapid change, drive technology-enabled business outcomes and foster a culture of innovation.