Episode #2: Keeping our organizations cyber-secure in the COVID-19 environment. How secure are we?

July 15, 2020
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Virtual (EDT)

Danny Allan, Veeam Software (@dannyallan5)
Katie Jenkins, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Keri Pearlson, MIT Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS) (@kpearlson)
Andrew Stanley, Mars (@alphastanley)

Keri Pearlson will present her thoughts on cybersecurity in the COVID-19 environment and then lead a panel discussion to determine how secure we really are.

Intro: Keeping our organizations cybersecure in the COVID-19 environment

Almost everyone is working from home these days and it’s created a strange, chaotic environment for each of us. As we all learn how to communicate, share WIFI, and take meetings remotely, we must also think about keeping ourselves and our teams cybersecure. Technology won’t keep our organizations secure enough — our behaviors will. What are the ways malicious actors are trying to get our money, steal company data and infiltrate with our systems? This presentation outlines actions you can take to both raise awareness and change behaviors of those around you to keep everyone more secure.

Panel: Cybersecurity – How secure are we?

Answering this question is no simple task. There are technology answers, management answers, risk answers, supply chain answers and probably a few more. CIOs want to be able to answer this question for their C-level colleagues, their boards, and all stakeholders. In this session, we will discuss different approaches to knowing how secure you are, and what metrics are commonly used to provide support for your answer.

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