Episode #5: Digital Transformation

10:30 am - 12:30 pm,

Mike Grandinetti, MIT Sloan School of Management (@mikegrand1)
Shamim Mohammad, Carmax (@shamimcio)
Zachary Smith, Packet, an Equinix Company (https://twitter.com/zsmithnyc)
Cynthia Stoddard, Adobe (@stoddardCA)
Zeeshan Tariq, Zimmer Biomet
Dr. George Westerman, MIT Sloan School of Management (@gwesterman)

Mike Grandinetti will kick-off this episode leading panel #1 about how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation. George Westerman will then lead panel #2 about building a digital-ready culture. Finally, Allan Tate and Guy Snodgrass will close the Digital Learning Series talking about leadership in times of crisis.

Panel #1: Digital Transformation on the Fast Track

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed our daily lives. Remote work has become a necessity, and many are not going back to the office. Telemedicine has become critical for protecting patients and health-care workers while providing much needed care. Schools have been forced to shift to virtual learning options as campuses remain closed. Events around the world, including the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, have had to transform to a virtual format. How can CIOs cope when digital transformation becomes critical to survival?

Panel #2: Building Digital Ready Culture in Traditional Organizations

In the search for a faster and more innovative culture, leaders can be tempted to copy digital-born companies such as Amazon and Google and Uber. But great leaders resist the temptation, since those cultures can require policies that traditional companies can’t adopt and can generate consequences they don’t want to risk. Rather than try and fail to replicate the cultures of digital startups, leaders can build a digital-ready culture that enhances speed and innovation while building on the unique characteristics of traditional companies. In this session, we’ll discuss the three steps to creating a digital-ready culture, and how leaders have built those elements in their firms.

Fireside Chat: Leadership in Times of Crisis