Future-proofing the Workforce for Digital

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Mezzanine Lounge - 3rd floor, Stratton (EDT)

Dr. Kristine Dery, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (@kristinedery)

Amy deCastro, Schneider Electric (#AmydeCastro)
Shefali Gupta, DBS (@Shef70)
Michael Han, Liferay, Inc. (@mhan810)
Natalie Vinitsky, State Street (@State Street)

The world of digital requires us to do different work, and to work differently. As large companies re-form themselves into more agile teams to manage their digital assets, they are increasingly finding that their workforce is ill-equipped with the relevant skills and ways of thinking needed for success. This panel will explore how companies are investing in future-proofing their workforce and learning to be digital.

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