How Artificial Intelligence Powers Digital Ecosystems

May 23, 2022
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Samberg-A (EDT)

Prof. Tom Davenport, Fellow at MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (@tdav)

Vipin Gopal, Eli Lilly & Company
Michelle Hoiseth, Parexel
Prof. Marshall Van Alstyne, SM ‘91, PhD ‘98, Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (@InfoEcon)

Ecosystem-based business models, in which companies build digital relationships with multiple business partners in order to provide goods and services to customers, require and generate large volumes of data. Data comes from all participants in the ecosystem, and AI is often required to make sense of the data. Machine learning helps match customers with the products and services they need or want. Customer offerings can be personalized with AI. And the millions of customers of large ecosystems need highly efficient customer service, i.e., intelligent agents and chatbots. In this session, companies that have adopted ecosystem models describe how AI makes them possible, and the specific use cases they employ.

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