How Big Companies are Running Smarter

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Twenty Chimneys - 3rd floor, Stratton (EDT)

Dr. Neil Thompson, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (@ProfNeilT)

Dr. Douglas Palmer, Deloitte Consulting
Dr. Aarti Shah, Eli Lilly and Company (@lillypad)
Brian Vellmure, Salesforce (@BrianVellmure)

Digital technology is radically changing the behaviors of individuals, corporations and society at large. To compete effectively, big companies need to find a way to leverage their scale to generate more and better innovation. But innovating is a challenge. Many attempts have been made to spark innovation (20% time, Open Innovation Offices in Silicon Valley, Open Innovation advocates embedded in business units, externships, etc.), but there is a dearth of empirical evidence validating their effectiveness. This panel will include results from recent research, and include practitioners who have found unique approaches to more effectively innovate.