Transform Your Business Through IoT

2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
Mezzanine Lounge - 3rd floor, Stratton (EDT)

Stephanie Woerner, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (@SL_Woerner)

Mark Bernardo, GE Digital (@mbge1)
Dr. Dieter Haban, Code White LLC (@DieterHabanCIO)
Ryan Mallory, Equinix (@RyanMallory551)
Paddy Srinivasan, Xively by LogMeIn (@paddix)

We are entering the era of the connected business model. Potentially, any asset, person, product, process, or source of data can be connected, making a reality of the long forecast connected house, car, factory and ecosystem. Smaller and cheaper sensors—embedded technology in products like cars, oil wells, wearables, and business processes—will become the norm over the next decade. All this connectedness has the potential to radically change business models and the competitive landscape. Are you ready to capitalize on the transformational potential of IoT?