Chitra Dwarka

Partnership Chair

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Symposium Roles
Partnership Team Member 2022, 2021 (Chair), 2020 (Chair), 2019 (Chair), 2018 (Chair), 2017 (Chair), 2016 (Chair)
Speaker/Panelist 2021
Panels Participated in
Chitra Dwarka is an accomplished leader with expertise in technology and innovation management with extensive experience in strategic planning, multi-disciplinary team building and successful execution of technology, entrepreneurial and social impact global initiatives.  She is known for creating organizational value by facilitating strong partnerships, leading organizational transformation and delivering innovative solutions, products and services.
Chitra has held positions as VP of global product management and product development at State Street Corporation, program management at Boston Children’s Hospital and conducted SDG Lab with the Stockholm Resilience Institute. She currently leads ventures in global entrepreneurship and in manufacturing at Shading Designs.

Chitra is a life-long learner with interest in design, collective behavior and social transformation.  She holds an MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management, Biomimicry Professional Certificate (BPro) and is a candidate for MSc in Biomimicry at Arizona State University.