Mike Grandinetti

Speaker Team Member

MIT Sloan CIO Symposium

Symposium Roles
Speaker/Panel Team Member 2022, 2020, 2019
Speaker/Panelist 2021, 2020
Panels Participated in

A former Silicon Valley engineer & McKinsey consultant, Mike Grandinetti served as a C-level executive of 8 successful enterprise tech startups. Two went public on the NASDAQ, and seven were acquired by strategics including IBM, Oracle and Symantec. Currently, he’s on the Harvard Extension School Faculty and affiliated with Brown University, University of California & Rutgers University, where he teaches Master’s degree and Executive Education courses on innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking & leadership. He’s been affiliated with MIT in a variety of capacities, including as an MIT Sloan Senior Lecturer, MIT $100K Judge, MIT Enterprise Forum Instructor & MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Planning team member, for over 20 years.

His clients include Accenture, Dell / EMC, Ferrari, Intuit, Maersk, Nestle, Novo Nordisk Pirelli, SAB Miller, State Street & the governments of Canada & Denmark. He serves on the boards of the CoVent19 Challenge, the Africa O2 Challenge, the Babson “Entrepreneurship Tower” & the Babson CODE Club. He’s the co-author of two podcast series on innovation. He’s a speaker on the TEDx circuit, a moderator in the Berkeley Innovation X Network “Innovation That matters” series & an instructor & mentor in the Berkeley Blockchain startup accelerator. Mr. Grandinetti led over 150 hackathons globally.

He received his MBA from Yale, where he was named the annual Jess Morrow Johns Memorial Scholar. He is the winner of the 22nd annual Rosoff Award for his leadership on promoting diversity & inclusion in the tech industry, a winner of the Rutgers College of Engineering Career Excellence Achievement Award and a member of the National Engineering Honor Society.