Pertisth Mankotia

Chief Information Officer

Sheela Foam Ltd.

Symposium Roles
CIO Award Finalist 2021
Speaker/Panelist 2021
Panels Participated in

Pertisth Mankotia is the Chief Information Officer for Sheela Foam Limited. A creative and passionate Global IT Executive with an exciting métier of 25 years, he has flipped IT’s perception as a cost-centre. He has led many bold, and disruptive projects for shrinking costs, enhancing profitability and elevating revenue. Ex:

  1. Retail digitization wherein the IT team augmented the entire supply chain and customer experience.
  2. Empowerment of manufacturing processes with deep digitization across planning, production, QA and warehousing through AI and IoT.
  3. Radical productivity booster projects for manpower and machines.
  4. Jump in consumer intimacy and proximity through algorithms crafted with data at various levels.

All such transformations were underlined with the tenets of experience, engagement and simplification.  They have been widely recognized across various forums and awards like Computerworld Premier 100; CNBC NASSCOM IT User Award; Dataquest Business Technology Award; CIO Asia; India Express Intelligent Enterprise Award; Best CIO of The Year by Computer Society of India; Digital Transformation Award – Business World; CIO 100 – Hall of The Fame and many more.

These efforts also leveraged a versatile burst of technologies like image analytics, AI, RFID – and some of these were distinctively-compelling and brave early-adoption templates of using a new technology. Cumulatively, they have propelled the company to the top with a formidable position in revenues and a pronounced customer-stronghold.

He is an ardent believer in ultimate corporate –IT strategic chemistry and collaboration. This rigour has been affirmed during all cycles of business – including high growth, downturns & acquisition-integration. This energy and emphasis resonate in everything he has achieved throughout a career that started when he was 22 years old. He continues to lead a dynamic, inclusive and diverse team of 200 brains and hearts of all stripes – always busy in translating bold ideas into action. Mr. Mankotia also been contributing to the industry fraternity by being at the helm of Governing Body, CIO Association of India from many years.