Michael Urcinoli

Vice President, Business Technology

SoulCycle Inc.

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Speaker/Panelist 2019
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Michael Urcinoli is the Vice President of Business Technology at SoulCycle. In his role, Mr. Urcinoli and his teams are responsible for the technical operations of SoulCycle, ensuring that thousands of live performances for hundreds of thousands of riders are performed every week across 92 locations in North America. For the past six years he has helped build SoulCycle from a lean startup to a mature enterprise while the business experiences intense geographically dispersed growth from their devoted riders.

Mr. Urcinoli’s Business Technology team is comprised of technologists with backgrounds and responsibilities across Engineering, Enterprise Systems, eCommerce, IT, Technical Operations, Infrastructure, Audio Systems and Project Management, aligned with the goal to deliver exceptional customer experiences supported by technology.

He holds a B.S. in Management of Information Systems from New York University, Tandon School of Engineering.

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