Natalie Vinitsky

Chief Agilist, Strategist, Scrum Trainer and Managing Director

State Street

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Speaker/Panelist 2019
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Natalie Vinitsky is a Managing Director, Chief Agilist and Head of SDLC Governance at State Street. Over the past 5 years her focus has been advancing and developing Industrialized Agile Methodology, including SDLC Governance strategy, to help achieve a truly digital enterprise within a highly regulated environment.

Ms. Vinitsky has built and leads a practice of Agile Coaches that consists of 30+ members supporting over 300 Agile teams across the globe that also includes an education program that has trained over 15,000+ employees. To encourage continuous improvement and Agile adoption, her team created a gamified competition between Agile teams for the highest level of Agility.

She is also an active member of the Professional Women’s Network at State Street. Prior to joining State Street, Ms. Vinitsky held various roles within IT working for companies such as Fidelity Investments, AstraZeneca, EMC Dell and Eliassen.

After completing her BS/BA degree in two majors: finance and marketing at Northwestern University, she also received her Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior and Design from Saint Petersburg State University of Airspace Instrumentation, Russia.